Herbal Incense vs Marijuana

Herbal Incense is way better, for the obvious reasons like, your buying from a professional business, not drugs out of a crack house. Herbal Incense doesn’t show up in drug test. Herbal Incense last a lot longer. Herbal Incense is way cheaper than marijuana if you buy it in bulk on the internet too.

Herbal Incense Drug Testing

Stop wasting your time on avoiding drug test, going to the drug man’s house, worrying about getting pulled over by the cops. My personal favorite, and I’ve done a lot of research and seen a lot of brands and the best herbal incense Don’t mess around with failing drug test, do the herbal incense while its still 100% 50 state legal and undetectable in drug test.

Marijuana will be detected

If you intend to use them for incense, then there is probably not much difference, since all you want it the odor rather than to be overpowered by the smoke. Be advised though that the odor of marijuana will be detected by others, some of whom may complain because they have allergies or because they don’t like to think anybody is having a good time doing something they wouldn’t do.
If the incense is the one people call “spice” which supposedly gives a high like marijuana does, and you intend to smoke this incense, then
a) the incense is (so far) legal, whereas marijuana is still  illegal in many places, so the incense is ‘better’,
b) lighting anything on fire and then breathing the smoke into your lungs is probably a bad idea, which is why you cough when you do it. Herbal Incense can be used just like aroma and you can smell the pretty aroma all over.

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