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In 1960, Action Comics #263 introduced a new setting to fans of Superman: Bizarro World (also known as Htrae, Earth spelled backwards). On this strange, cube-shaped planet, much is eerily familiar, but entirely backwards from the world that Superman knows. The Bizarro Code sums it up: “Us do opposite of all Earthly things! Us hate beauty! Us love ugliness! Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World!”

Bizarro World and its inhabitants can actually tell us a lot about the (or really an) America of the 1960s. DC Comics’ portrayal of a world turned upside down reveals its writers’ own value system and presuppositions about normalcy and goodness. The writers saw their own society as basically good and morally upright, as demonstrated by their imagining an “opposite world” as fundamentally wrong.

Such a “symbolic inversion” (as Barbara Babcock dubbed it) that “contradicts, abrogates, or in some fashion presents an alternative to commonly held cultural codes…” is an inadvertent mirror of our own world and ideals. Because of this, we can discern bits and pieces of how people in the past perceived their societies by looking at their “bizarro worlds.”

In texts, we find a literary device called the “topsy-turvy motif,” that portrays a world upturned. My research orbits around this motif, observing its form and function within ancient texts. 5g and 10g is very much Available with reasonable prices.

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