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The product is top quality marshmallow herbs

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The product is top quality marshmallow herbs infused with the aromas of spices, mulled wine, and almonds, along with a modest helping of 5F-AKB48 and AB-FUBINACA aromatic compounds. Funky Buddha silver is the only potpourri on the market consisting of marshmallow herbs infused with 5F-AKB-48, AB-FUBINACA and of aromas of mulled wine, almonds and spices.

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1g – 255g is Available.

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1G, 3G, 2 X 3G (6G) PACK, 4 X 3G (12G) PACK, 8 X 3G (24G) PACK, 16 X 3G (48G) PACK, 32 X 3G( 96G) PACK, 60 X 3G (180G) PACK, 85 X 3G (255G) PACK


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